Internet is now Bank of America’s largest credit card account production channel

Bank of America’s Full Year 2010 Investor Factbook revealed some interesting trends in various channel’s share of credit card account production

  • eCommerce channel accounted for 36% of the bank’s credit card account production in 2010, up significantly from 15% in 2008
  • Bank branch network share fell from 25% to 21% (note that Bank of America was at the forefront in the mid 2000’s in driving credit card sales through branches)
  • Direct mail share rose from 20% to 21%, stemming steady declines in its share of account production in recent years

The findings underscore the growing importance of the Internet as a sales channel.  However, what the Bank of America data does not reflect is the fact that consumers now tend to use multiple channels before making an acquisition.  For example, a consumer could receive a credit card offer in the mail, but submit their application via the Internet.  Therefore, bank credit card issuers need to ensure that these key channels (Internet, branch and DM) are all in synch to optimize sales effectiveness.