Accelerating Sales through Marketing
At EMI, we focus on “Marketing For Sales”, applying marketing solutions to optimize result across human and digital, direct and indirect sales channels. Our Marketing for Sales orientation affects not only what we do for clients, but how we do it.

What we do
Our sales channel enablement, demand generation, cross-sell/up sell, and customer/channel engagement solutions lead directly to more leads, higher conversion rates, increased sales channel productivity, and greater lifetime customer value.  Our market and customer intelligence and value proposition work lay the foundation for gaining share and closing sales.

How we do it
We are marketers who are always thinking about sales. We talk with sales people about what would enable them to sell more.  We prioritize marketing strategies that will deliver more leads that close faster.  We build marketing campaigns that focus on building pipelines and closing deals.

“Marketing” is in our name, but sales are what we deliver.