Annuity Warming and Convenient Truths

Annuities solve two major household financial challenges: asset preservation and income in retirement.  And they often solve the problem at a lower cost to the consumer than capital market alternatives.  Consumers and advisors want a solution to these problems; most, however, reject annuities as a component of the solution.

Have we arrived, at last, at a tipping point?  Here’s more evidence that we may have:

An article in Barrons today is entitled “Special Report – Retirenment: With their steady income payments, annuities are suddenly hot.  Hot?  Hot?  Annuities?

This follows another positive article in the New York Times two weeks ago about the unique benefits of annuities.

A tipping point?  Are annuities now “in”?  As consumers read more and more positive press about annuities, advisors will find the annuity recommendation more appreciated than in the past.    Annuity manufacturers need to take full advantage of this thawing.

This annuity warming is a very convenient truth for the annuity industry!  Marketers and sales professionals must prepare to win their share now!