Latest Nilson Report highlights recovery in small business credit card spending

The Nilson Report has published its annual rankings of the leading U.S. commercial card issuers (by spending volume).  These ranking are broken out into various commercial card categories, such as purchasing cards and small business credit cards. A quick analysis of The Nilson Report data by EMI uncovered the following trends in small business credit card and small business debit card volume:

  • Small business credit card volume rose 6% in 2010, following a decline of 9% in 2009
  • Of the 20 leading small business credit card issuers, only one (Bank of America) reported a decline in volume between 2009 and 2010
  • Small business debit card volume grew by 16% in 2010, compared to a rise of just 4% in 2009
  • Of the top 20 small business debit card issuers, only one (TD Bank) reported a decline in volume in 2010, and 10 of the top 20 reported annual increases of more than 20%