Tech Marketing – Navigating the Perfect Storm

It’s clear why Tech Marketers are under more pressure than ever before.

The rapid adoption of mobile devices, search and social media have changed the technology sales and marketing process. As a result, Tech buyers now control when, where and how they engage with brands.

This shift has required Tech companies to become content marketing experts since the average IT buyer has an attention span of 8 seconds and will often view 5-7 pieces of content before ever speaking with a vendor. Add in the goal of driving more marketing activities and revenue through channel partners, and it’s clear why Tech Marketers are under more pressure than ever before.

At EMI, we understand all of these realities and won’t become confused when you talk about VARs, a converged infrastructure solution or migration to a SaaS model. Whether building buyer personas, creating content for different stages of the buying cycle or developing turnkey channel partner campaigns, we leverage years of technology industry experience to deliver results.

In SaaS marketing, free product trials are considered to be an effective way to court IT Buyers. Yet, only 11% of trials convert to paying customers.*

Watch our entertaining SlideShare which reveals:

  • The 5 core elements of a successful product trial offer
  • Why SaaS trials often feel like a bad online date
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*Groove, 2014


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