Case Study: Training Tools Boost Branch Card Sales

Impact: Without any corporate mandate or incentive, 85% of employees have undertaken the training in less than 3 months, and branch sales are at an all-time high.

After years of outsourcing, this leading bank brought its credit card business back in house. To accelerate client-facing teams’ competence and confidence in presenting the payments product line to customers and prospects, EMI developed an innovative gamification program supported by branch huddle guides and easy reference cards.


Infographic: What drives payment adoption

The speed of smartphones and tablet adoption is revolutionizing not only communications and media; these devices also have the potential to profoundly change how consumers shop and pay for products and services. This creates huge opportunities—and challenges—for payment providers. The following infographic provides insights on how established and emerging payment providers can tackle one of the key challenges in establishing an effective beachhead in the emerging payments marketplace: driving payment adoption.

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